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What’s up with us?

We are a group of friends with big hearts. Our mission is to see you smile. We love to share honest laughs with you and create moments you will never forget. Foxy playfulness is typical for us and with us you will surely find it within yourself too. We do our job conscientiously, with lots of creative energy and long-time experience. 

And how are we different from the others? We are genuine and simply ourselves. We treat every single one of you with personal approach and respect your needs. We love Fox and we are confident he will win your favour too.

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Fotofox Kristýna

Kristýna will plan your event for you. You can be sure it will turn out exactly the way you wanted it. She loves her job and can make anything happen. Don’t be afraid to ask for something you haven’t found in our offer. 

Kristýna loves to travel around the world with her backpack and no plans for the days ahead. When she’s not at work, you will probably find her outside riding her longboard, because what is more than freedom and wind in your hair?! And her dream? To buy a camper van and travel the whole world.

Fotofox Adéla

Adéla is one of those happy people who do what they love for a living. When she’s not taking pictures of you at your event, she’s either making original jewellery or running around with her camera somewhere else.

Adéla radiates spontaneity and never loses her inner child. She is a DJ and so it’s no suprise she likes to play loud music and dance to it even at home by herself. Her mottos are “Life is a game” and “The destination is the journey”. No one ever lacks fun with Adéla. And at home? She doesn’t like to clean, but she keeps thinking she should. 

Fotofox Sabina
graphic designer

Sabi loooves graphic design. You can sense her enthusiasm from her designs on your photos. But she can also design for example a beautiful backdrop for you. 

Sabi is a tough woman. She chops up her wood and plasters the walls at her cabin in the woods. By buying it, she made her dream come true. She spends long winter nights with her dog Chilli and cat Curry reading Terry Pratchett’s Discworld and playing ukulele. And from here it’s only a step away from her next dream – becoming a rock star.


Fotofox Otakar

Ota is our handy guy. He manages anything you ask him and while doing that he makes a tun of jokes. You can meet him at most of our events and can rely on him getting the job done flawlessly, even though they call him Donkey at home. 

He loves mountains. Both in winter and in summer. He is a great cook and likes to fire up his meal with a chilli pepper. He is a know-it-all and loves to pick at his friends. And in return we pick at him a little bit. But to be clear, Ota is a real manly man! We were not forced at all to mention that he likes to play poker and watch football.

Fotofox Tomáš

Tomáš is our baby fox. He is the youngest of the team and at the beginning he may come across as a bit shy. But don’t let him fool you! He actually loves people. 

Sometimes he likes to cut himself off from the digital world, shuts off his phone and disappears into nature. He also works as a train conductor. Trains are his passion, and so he sometimes travels by train across the whole country to see its beauties. And then he returns to the university, where he studies… wait for it… trains.

Fotofox Lenka

Except for Fox Lenka has about 5 other jobs and one of them is product design. Her art projects are so cool! Even though her artwork is often fragile, Lenka is not. She likes to have about 12 coffees a day and work till late at night. But she loves everything she does and it fills her up with energy. She tries hard to do sports and eat healthy, but it only works out about once a year. 

Events with Fox are a breather for Lenka. She enjoys having fun with you guys and there is always a relaxed atmosphere around her.