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Price that
fits your needs

We want the best for you! The price is always customized based on what your needs are. Let us know how many people you are expecting at your event and how long you would like Fox to be there for. We will count how many printed photos you’ll need and offer you the best deal possible. That way you will never end up with a package that is more expensive than necessary. Don’t worry, we are good at math, you’ll be happy with the result.

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What is included?

The price includes a fancy backdrop, a pile of funny props, a nice staff person or two, special customized design for your photos and an unlimited amount of digital pictures. You can share those on Facebook or send them to your email. The amount of printed pictures depends on the package you choose. In addition, we create a locked online gallery just for you. That way it’s up to you to decide who will see the tricks you pulled at the party.

The price also includes

Customized sharing

Your pictures can be sent via customized email with your own text.

Animated GIFS

Would you like your pictures to move the way you know it from Harry Potter? You got it!

Marketing data collection

Fox can ask your guests whatever you want.

Transport cost within Prague

Out of Prague the fare is 7 CZK / km.

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What didn't make it in the price

Custom-made backdrop

Have your own idea of what your background should look like? We can make it for you!

Switching backdrops during the event

One is not enough? No problem, we can switch among a few. Whether they are real or electronic (green screen).

Custom design for the photo booth

Fox can change appearance. Your logos or any other designs always look so good on him.

An original set of props

Would you like a set of props made just for you? We will make them with love and affection and you can keep them afterwards.

Guest book

Right after they take their pic, your guests can put it in a beautiful handmade wooden book. And you can keep it as a memory.

Photo book

Our graphic designer will create a book of happy memories with the best pictures from your party and get it printed for you. 


Are you creative? Put some decorations on your photos!

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